More than a Decade of Proven Experience

Mosaic Network, Inc., is a leading provider of evaluation technology and services to the social service sector, including government agencies, foundations, NGOs and Community Based Organizations. Our experience with diverse large-scale community initiatives enables us to help organizations that work towards improving society achieve, and even expand on their visions.

Our solutions seamlessly integrate interdisciplinary expertise in the areas of social science research, evaluation consultation, provider training, and information technology. This forward thinking approach continues to result in effective  outcomes-based strategies to advance the lives of children, families and communities.

For more than a decade, we have been providing evaluation software and consulting to help our clients evaluate funded programs and their impacts. Our findings and tools show where resources are being spent, how to make improvements, and which services are working best. The bottom line is that we help our clients to succeed, tell their stories and improve the society we all live in.

GEMS Lite embodies the best we have learned over the past 15 years.   Working with complex multi-site community initiatives to harness the power of information and to evaluate the impact of their efforts is precisely what we take pride in achieving. Furthermore, GEMS Lite capitalizes on our proven technology, already in use by over 3000 organizations nationwide.

Our innovative approach provides with a comprehensive, effective and easy-to-use data system. Learn more about our team, our approach and our technology at:

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