GEMS Lite Vision

GEMS Lite was developed through a partnership between Mosaic Network, Inc., and the Partnership for Children Cumberland County (PFC).  Together, they had a vision for a comprehensive software system that could support the important work that Smart Start was doing in North Carolina.  Mosaic developed a customized version of their flagship software system, GEMS, that would meet the specific data collection and reporting requirements of North Carolina’s Smart Start.  Over the years, PFC and Mosaic have worked closely together to fine tune the GEMS system so that its functionality mirrors the needs of Smart Start programs.   Through our collaboration, our vision of a highly customized version of GEMS designed specifically to meet the needs of Smart Start programs was realized, and GEMS Lite was born.

Now, we are prepared to offer you the comprehensive and flexible data system – GEMS Lite -  that has resulted from our years of collaboration.  Because GEMS Lite was tailored to Smart Start logic, it is ready to use as soon as you purchase it.  Services and outcomes are recorded with ease and reports are ready to run at the click of a button.  All you need to do is start entering your data and watch the results of your efforts generate in front of your eyes.