Client Management

Efficiently Record Every Aspect of Client Participation

GEMS Lite will meet all of your client management needs.  Collect program participant details for children, parents and other family members.  Store information about families such as relationships within the family unit, issues families may be struggling with, as well as valuable demographic information.

Client management is streamlined through user friendly navigation and sophisticated data entry tools.  With Smart Start tailored logic linked throughout the system, the jobs of front-line workers have never been easier!

With a unified data model that supports the Smart Start model, our clients can more easily and effectively:

  • Produce the data needed for monitoring and reporting.
  • Have better visibility into what’s been done, what hasn’t, and what’s changed.
  • Minimize the duplication of work.
  • Gain an increase in awareness of how individual efforts affect organizational goals.
  • Better serve grantees and the organization by providing excellent access to data.

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