Service Tracking

Effectively Record Services & Classroom Activities

With GEMS Lite, you can track all of your service related data in one place. Record service activity information for clients, families and all other types of program participants. Service data can be entered on an individual basis or in an aggregate format depending on your specific needs.

What would you think if you had access to a community tool that would allow you to: find out the unduplicated counts of clients served at the local level; to see the patterns of use of people entering and exiting the assistance system; and determine the effectiveness of these systems?

This dream can soon be your reality with GEMS Lite and its host of unique features:

  • Unique Child Identifier: a single, non-duplicated number that remains with the child
  • Child-Level Demographic and Program Participation Information including age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and program participation
  • Child-Level Data on Development from various sources (e.g. child observations, parent questionnaires) and assessment of skills – including social, emotional, physical, cognitive and linguistic development and approaches to learning
  • Unique Program Site Identifier with the ability to link with children and the ECE workforce; a single, non-duplicated number assigned to a center or home-based ECE provider
  • Unique ECE Workforce Identifier with the ability to link with program sites and children.  A single, non-duplicated number assigned to individual members of the ECE workforce, including teachers, assistant teachers, directors and other individuals who care for and educate young children
  • Individual ECE Workforce Demographics including education and professional development information such as race/ethnicity, gender, age, educational attainment, experience in the field, retention and compensation.

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