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The Next Generation Data System for Early Education

GEMS Lite embodies the best we have learned over the past 15 years. Working with complex multi-site community initiatives to harness the power of information and to evaluate the impact of their efforts is precisely what we take pride in achieving. Furthermore, GEMS Lite capitalizes on our proven technology, already in use by over 3000 organizations worldwide.

GEMS Lite Capabilities

Efficiently Record Every Aspect of Client Participation

GEMS Lite will meet all of your client management needs. Collect program participant details for children, parents and other family members. Store information about families such as relationships within the family unit, issues families may be struggling with, assessments/surveys, as well as valuable demographic information.


Effectively Record Services & Classroom Activities

With GEMS Lite, you can track all of your service related data in one place. Record service activity information for clients, families and all other types of program participants. Service data can be entered on an individual basis or in an aggregate format.


Demonstrate Success through Measurable Outcomes

We understand that providing services isn’t always enough. More and more, funders require quantifiable data to prove that your programs are effective. GEMS Lite has a built-in outcome tracking feature that allows you to do just this. At the click of a button, GEMS Lite can automatically measure your progress in relation to the goals you have set for your program.


Reporting with Confidence & Ease

Reporting requirements can be burdensome, but using GEMS Lite makes reporting easy. We provide a library of reports that are available at the click of a button, including Smart Start specific reports as well as custom Dashboards, Charts, GIS Reports, Outcomes Reports, Quarterly Reports and more.