Who uses GEMS Lite and Who Benefits?

The benefits of using the GEMS Lite system for your organization

Our data system capitalizes on our proven technology, already in use by over 3000 organizations worldwide. With the challenges and needs of front-line childcare agencies in mind, our innovative approach allows everyone involved in Smart Start agencies to improve their efforts with a comprehensive, effective and easy-to-use data system.

The users below benefit differently from the use of GEMS Lite. Take a look at the beneficiaries below to see how GEMS Lite can help with the day to day management of your facilities.



GEMS Lite can greatly assist program staff by streamlining the data collection process. Our robust software offers an intuitive, user friendly system to track your data. Reports are automatically generated at the click of a button. Less time spent on data means more time spent with your clients!


Administrative level users are able to choose from a wide variety of Smart Start based reports through a comprehensive reporting library. GEMS Lite provides access to real-time reports and graphs, empowering administrators to make data-driven decisions regarding their programs and services.



Parent and child outcomes can be accessed easily through GEMS Lite. This tells you not only what services are being provided, but the effectiveness of those services. Pre and post-tests accurately measure the progress of children and parents automatically and without hassle.


The effectiveness of programs and services offered to community members can be easily evaluated through the data collected in GEMS Lite. With this powerful software, the programs and services that are offered can be measured to ensure the unique needs of the community are consistently being met.